BUSIT CONSULTS sees young businesses (Startups & SMEs) from a whole different perspective. Our utmost aim is to see young businesses become the wheels on which economies spin (nationally and globally). We are dedicated to sustainable business models and approaches that portray the very essence of our existence; giving back to the society that accounts for our profitability.

What We Do

We build startups by providing them with the fundamental business instruments required to translate into larger market shares and revenue balances. We provide startups with advices on the best funding options and structures. At BusiT Consults, we hanker to become the highway connecting young businesses to sustainability.


Who We Are

Our consulting team is known for her competence, through business intelligence. Our competences are built around Business Analysis, Research Analysis, Legal Analysis and Financial Analysis. It is our joy to see businesses sustained.


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Let's share your business worries and pleasures; and anything besides these two. Cheers!